Hello! I’m Jenny. A wife, nature lover, geologist, yogi, meditator, mindful living enthusiast, and seeker.  I crave space for deep reflection and introspection, self care, loving up friends and family, and experiencing life to it’s fullest. I invite you to join me on my journey in deepening my meditation and yoga practices, gathering of wisdom in the fields of meditation, mindfulness and living intentionally. I believe in self care – daily – journaling, meditation, yoga, movement, study, all of this is self care in my world.

I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and am on a journey to become a wise meditation guide. I have taken trainings, retreats and classes with: Tiffany Wood, Sierra Sherman, Elena Brower, Douglas Brooks, Charlie Knoles, Tara Brach, and Jack Kornfield. I have a deep love of learning and must admit that there are always half a dozen trainings I wish I was doing!