I have been dreaming, imagining and recreating this site over and over again for months now. Something, however, was holding me back. I remember thinking ‘I should wait until ………….’ with a large number of excuses filling that space: until I have completed more training, until I have more funds, until until until. Then a few days ago a dear friend and yoga teacher Jana posted on Instagram all about the full moon we’ve just had (for her full post on the subject, check her post on her website). This was just the nudge I needed to get me moving. Do I feel completely ready to undertake this journey? Not quite. Do I feel ready/prepared/qualified to walk the path with others………..almost. But – if we wait until we are fully ready – well, I think none of us would ever get started on our passion projects. So here I go – or rather, here we go. For none of us walk alone in this life, I sincerely hope you will join me, follow along, and contribute to this little part of the online world.

My heartfelt hope for this site is to be an online place of connection. To be of service to you on your journey of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wellness and self care. May my journey and experiences along the way show that though the masks that our individual experiences may wear look unique to me and you, underneath it all there are deep similarities. Through this platform I will be sharing my ever deepening journey of the practices of meditation, self care and yoga. Of the things I hope to bring to this platform are more written words, guided meditations, brief yoga sequences, and insight into how I try to live mindfully and with intention. If there are any topics or specific questions/concerns, ideas you’d like me to address, please reach out and I’ll do my best to be of service.

Look for further writings from me on all these topics, insights from my study and practices as well as inspiration and information from all the Wise Ones out there who are beacons and lights in this world. I hope we can be in this together, I welcome your feedback, insight and comments and look forward to this journey. Sending love and light to all especially those who are feeling lost or alone, know your are not alone, know that this life cyclical- the trials of now become the wisdom of tomorrow. Om